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Rise Of The Machines! or Robots and the sameday courier industry

Really… Robots?  Yes really!   In sameday courier, the physical movement of the package from collection to delivery accounts for around 70% of the cost of servicing that booking. This large percentage means that the collection and delivery activity is constantly under scrutiny and all over the world and teams of people are researching ways of increasing efficiency in order to reduce this percentage.  […]

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Blockchain. WTF is it? Is it useful to me in the Courier Industry?

Blockchain – I hear about it all the time, but honestly – WTF is it? Great question! Blockchain is a way of ensuring the integrity of transactional data without having a central ‘system’ to do all the work. In other words, it is decentralised and all the ‘work’ of ensuring the integrity is distributed among [...]

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