DA Systems recently held a quick Q&A session with one of our quickly growing topbox customers, The Freight Desk. We found out how they are coping with COVID and what the future holds….

  • Who are The Freight Desk, tell us about yourselves?

The Freight Desk specialises in the hyper urgent , time critical same day consignments that require both exceptional flexibility in solution approach and high intensity tracking and communications

  • What service types do you offer?

Same day vehicle solutions of all sizes, shapes and configurations

  • How have The Freight Desk been operating since COVID-19 epidemic?

In short….remotely and Mobile. Helped enormously by the topbox cloud based solution

  • How has DA Systems topbox software helped your business?

For day to day, the allocation and dispatch of work to couriers is a breeze. We invoice our customers direct from topbox and use the Xero report to reconcile in our accounting software. In commercial terms the low cost start up of topBox has assisted our cashflow immensely too.

During lockdown, we mothballed our offices and went mobile…seamlessly. We even use the topbox site on the go via mobiles.

  • Have The Freight Desk got any new and exciting plans for the future?

We are looking forward to seamless integration into the CX (Courier Exchange) as this is still a challenge for us, in terms of our own personal growth we are increasing our fleet numbers daily and expanding our customer reach. We are looking forward to our next customer using the online booking portal