DA Systems recently held a quick Q&A session with one of our leading customers, Absolutely Courier. We found out how they are coping with COVID and what the future holds….

  • Who are Absolutely, tell us about yourselves?

Absolutely Courier is an eco-friendly courier company who offer same day, overnight, temperature controlled and international services. We are currently London’s highest rated courier! We are unique in the couriers and shipping trade because we can boast genuine expertise, flexibility, and attention to detail. Absolutely combines real expertise and a friendly service, with a proud history stretching back to 1865. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the capital, our clients, and our industry, we’re trusted to deliver when it matters and whatever the circumstances.

  • What service types do you offer?

We offer same day, overnight, temperature controlled and international services. We have a courier fleet of over 250 vehicles, ranging from pushbikes, cargo bikes,vans (large and small), Luton and 7.5t.  We cater to all industries from PR to food and beverage. We will always find a way to assist you with your deliveries.

  • How have Absolutely been operating since COVID-19 epidemic?

Under the government guidelines Absolutely is classed as an essential service which has enabled us to operate fully throughout the pandemic. We are trying to help businesses, communities and individuals in the best way possible during this difficult time. We are currently working with a  range of companies in the medical industry, and supporting their deliveries all across the UK.

We have adapted our services to comply with the government standards. For example we have launched our non contact service and equipped our couriers with a multitude of protective wear and anti bacterial products to ensure senders, recipients, our staff and the items being sent are all safe and protected.

  • How has DA Systems ACI software helped your business?

ACI allows us to organise all our deliveries quickly and efficiently. It also helps us to notify our clients at every point of delivery.

Confirmation of booking
Package picked up
Package on board
Confirmation of delivery, with the recipients signature

We believe keeping our clients informed is the best way to reassure them, and couldn’t do this without ACI.

  • Have Absolutely got any new and exciting plans for the future?

Absolutely intend to continue providing a 5 star service for our clients in the future. We are launching our new insulated cargo bike service for hot food deliveries across central London, another step in ensuring our customers can deliver food whilst protecting the environment.

Lastly, we shall adapt to the further instructions from the government and plan to invest in more eco-friendly technology and vehicles to ensure we are providing a sustainable service as always.