On Wednesday 27th June 2018 we hosted our first Customer Forum in our new office in High Wycombe.

We invited customers and we had over 10 attendees representing a variety of companies.

We chose a strong topic which is on everybody’s lips and has been for some time now… ‘GDPR Customer Forum – one month on?!?!?’

Experts from The Data Support Agency joined us for the event and they were able to clarify some of the key points about GDPR.

Obviously, we hosted our event after the legislation had come into force back in May but we wanted to check in with our customers and see how they’re getting on.

We also had some discussions as to whether GDPR has had a dramatic impact on the courier industry as a whole?

  • Do you fully understand GDPR?
  • Did it pass you by?
  • Have you had to make any changes?

These are all strong questions which some people are able to answer with confidence and others struggle to get their heads around GDPR still.

DA Systems have issued a Position Paper to all customer which will help them to understand what DA Systems’ responsibility is and who we are in terms of the Data Processor / Data Controller relationship.

In all cases, we, DA Systems are the Data Processor. It should be noted that there can be multiple data processors involved with your data, for example, if your host your data within a data centre, that data centre is storing your Customer’s personal data and is therefore a Data Processor. You should ensure you know who all the Data Processors are with respect to your data.

To find out more about DA Systems, our GDPR Customer Forum or our position on GDPR – download our DA Systems GDPR Position Paper or email us at GDPR@da-systems.co.uk

The ICO provides very informative advice for those still seeking help with GDPR. Find out more on their website.