Firstly a huge thank you to everyone that attended our Forum on route optimisation which was held at DA Systems HQ on Thursday 4th October. We had 14 attendees from various courier companies of all different shapes and sizes along with our guest speaker, Tom Morrison from Zego and of course, the DA Systems team!

We kicked the day off with introductions around the table so that everybody who had not met before could get to know each other and relax into the informal setting in which we hold our forums’.

After the introductions we had our guest speaker, Tom from Zego who introduced the concept of on-demand-insurance and explained a bit more about the exciting new integration between DA Systems and Zego. If you’re a customer currently using the NX Transport App as part of your solution, then you can now promote the use of Zego’s on-demand insurance in order to expand your flexible working fleet. The 2 apps integrate seamlessly to reduce the large upfront costs of insurance for drivers allowing them to track their work to the minute and be insured for the specific time periods in which they need to be. More information can be found out about this integration on our Zego webpage

Amongst the attendees, there was a strong interest in Zego and we followed this up with a Q&A from both Zego and DA Systems to further explain the integration and answer all the questions that were thrown at us including what type of insurance is it, how does it work etc.

Route Optimisation
We then moved on to the main topic of the day which was ‘Route Optimisation’ – this was showcased by the DA Systems team which included some examples and hypothetical business scenarios in which route optimisation would be useful. This section also included a roadmap discussion where the team highlighted that the fully integrated route optimisation solution will be available from early 2019.

We also took away some good questions and feedback, which the team will review to ensure that we are including features and elements that our customers want and need as our route optimisation product develops.

Plenty of coffee was drunk at the forum and we had some breakout time where people were encouraged to network and talk together in smaller groups. We want to encourage our customers to get together and have good, honest and open discussions about the industry and what is topical at the moment. This was well received in the room as people were able to network and get into deep conversations with their peers, discussing some interesting topics such as employment status and electric vehicles.

Everybody enjoyed the working-lunch which brought the room back together to tie up some loose ends and to finalise the forum with discussions amongst all the attendees. First on the agenda was the Ultra Low Emission Zone which is coming into force as of April 2019. Another hot topic was driver retention and the discussion focused largely around the growing food delivery industry and what our customer might do to combat the issue of losing drivers to Deliveroo and Uber Eats in the cities during specific times of the day. It was interesting to see our customers’ thoughts on making the most of flexible working fleets in the sameday courier industry.

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Once again, this was another successful courier community event and we look forward to many more in 2019. Keep an eye on our events page and register your interest if you fancy coming to some of our events in the future.