I read an interesting article this morning about three electric motorbike EV start-ups

They are disrupting the e-moto industry which has been very quiet recently with nothing more than a few concept bikes being shown to the public by the big players such as Honda, Kawasaki and unexpectedly: Harley Davidson.

Focus has been on major car manufacturers like Tesla (and the rest – who were caught napping but are slowly catching up!) but little attention has been paid to bike manufacturers who have a great story to tell.

Zero Motorcycles who are based in California, have a fully electric, fully automatic (i.e. no clutch or gears – just twist and go) range of electric motorcycles such as the Zero SR which, in top spec has a range of 225 miles of city based driving. Cost to run is just over 1p per mile with no routine maintenance required as it only has a single moving part.

Although slightly high-end for a courier bike – you can see a time in the not too distant future where fleets of these type of bikes are fitted with a topbox and silently whooshing round our cities replacing the hot, noisy, emission generating bikes that we currently have.

I wonder why more attention isn’t being paid to electric bikes now? It could be a quick win for city based courier companies looking to improve their green credentials…

Read more from the original article on TechCrunch.