We were delighted to welcome Brett Shannon on board as the new Service Desk Manager at the end of April. After giving him some time to settle in and meet the team, we caught up with Brett to find out a bit more about him and how he plans to make changes to DA Systems’ Service Desk Team.

So, Brett, tell us a bit about yourself?

Eighteen months ago, I relocated to the UK with my English wife and 2 children. Prior to this, I spent over 10 years as a civilian with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) supporting the IT Logistics programme.

Before this I worked as an ERP Software Consultant and Sys Admin in a secondary school. This was preceded by around 5 years of working / travelling on Cruise Ships.

Throughout this period, I also contracted to the Australian cricket team in charge of sandpaper supplies 😀

How long have you been working in Customer Service?

Including the Casino Industry prior to my IT roles, I’ve spent 20 years in Customer Service.

Have you worked anywhere similar to DA Systems or is this a new industry for you?

I previously worked in the Defence Supply Chain in Oz and for Unipart Logistics in the UK. This is my first role in a small to mid-sized company and the Sameday Delivery market.

In your first month, have you made any changes to the Service Desk?

Only cosmetic changes so far. My plan has been to observe and listen until I get a feel for the environment. Minor changes to processes and some direction on Service Desk techniques. I’ve spent time understanding the current process and developing, with the team, the most effective way to improve the customer experience.

What is your key focus for the Service Desk for the rest of 2018?

There is a need to understand the service that we promise to our customers and our ability to be able to deliver. My role is to ensure there is continuous improvement within the Service Desk and that we get the right stuff done. This will be achieved by understanding the “where are we” and the “where do we need to be.” Putting resources and processes in place to achieve the end destination. This will all be done with the firm view of putting the customer impact / satisfaction first and foremost.